Should You Stay Anonymous After a Big Bingo Win?

Whenever you read about someone winning a huge prize on a lottery or bingo game, it’s always interesting to read the comments. Everyone agrees it would be far better to remain anonymous if you can.

We thought we would dive into this topic to see what the pros and cons are of each route. Should you stay quiet and not share the good news? Is it even possible to do so?


Keeping quiet about your big bingo prize

This is only possible if you get your prize while playing at an online bingo site. If you play at a bingo hall, everyone in that hall will know you have won. That means the news of your good fortune will likely spread very quickly.


What are the advantages of keeping quiet?

If you stay silent, you will have time to let the news sink in. This means:

  • You can adjust to the news
  • You don’t need to discuss it with anyone until you feel ready
  • You can choose who you want to share that news with, rather than having everyone know about it straightaway
  • You can consider various options about what to do with the money
  • You can make your own decisions rather than being swayed by the opinions of others


What are the disadvantages of staying silent over your bingo prize?

When we have good news in our lives, it is natural to want to share it with everyone we know. If you decide not to say anything about your bingo prize to start with (even if you eventually do tell people), you cannot share this moment of delight with anyone.

People may also sense something is different. They may wonder if everything is okay. You might end up inadvertently worrying some people and telling them anyway.

You will certainly need to keep up appearances and carry on with your life while you come to terms with the prize and how you are going to manage it.


Sharing the news of your good fortune with everyone

Are you the type of person who wants to shout your good news from the rooftops? We’ve seen lots of lottery winners and bingo winners doing just that. They pose with their large cheque and pop open some champagne, and who can blame them?


What are the advantages of telling everyone?

You won’t need to hide your good feelings if everyone knows what has happened. You can also celebrate with family and friends, perhaps throwing a party or organising a barbecue to enjoy your prize.

If you have family and friends who have their feet on the ground, you might also feel better discussing things with them. The urge is there to splurge from the start, but many winners have lost a lot of cash doing that.

By confiding in a few people, you can get input from them – especially if you have known them for a long time and trust their judgement. You may not trust your own this early in the experience!


What are the disadvantages of telling everyone?

Can you be sure how people would react to your good fortune? Some may expect a slice of your winnings and be annoyed if you don’t decide to do that. You might also experience negative reactions if you do not spend the cash (or save it) in the way others would.

If the news gets out and hits the local papers, you might be stopped in the street. People you don’t know might begin asking for cash and sending begging letters. It does happen in cases where lottery winners have gone public.

It can be difficult telling some people and not others. If you scoop millions on a bingo game, how would you manage to keep that quiet? It would be difficult to do so if you suddenly upgraded to a much bigger home with fancy cars parked outside.


What would YOU do?

We all think we know what we would do in this situation. However, you can never be certain of your actions unless the moment comes to test them. Many people think it would be a marvellous situation to be in, but we have seen stories of people whose lives have taken a turn for the worse following a huge win like this.

Our preference would be to keep quiet, but as we have seen, that isn’t possible if we were to get the prize inside a bingo hall. If we did receive our slice of good fortune in an online bingo hall, we’d certainly opt to keep things as quiet as possible.

Would you? How do you think you would react if you did manage to grab the biggest national bingo prize around? Would you share your news if you grabbed a huge prize at an online bingo site instead?