Discover More About the Biggest Bingo Wins to Date

Every year brings fresh news of some big bingo wins. Just when you think you have seen the biggest bingo win around, someone else comes along and manages to get something better!

Everyone dreams of winning a huge prize, but did you know how much some of the biggest prizes have been worth? We are going to dip into this topic now. You might be surprised at how fortunate some bingo players have been.

We think we’ve got the details of the biggest win so far, but we wonder how long it will be before someone wins something even bigger. What do you think?


Grandfather nabs a huge seven-figure bingo win

This was a big story back in 2012 when it hit the headlines. The big win went to John Orchard in Lincolnshire in the middle of December that year. Just in time for Christmas!

We think this is still the biggest win someone has ever managed to attain. We can find no record of anyone who has managed to beat John’s prize of £5.9 million. Yes, you did read that correctly – £5.9 million pounds. That was indeed a lovely festive gift.

He got the prize with a wager of 30p while playing at Butlers Bingo. We think he did rather well, don’t you? That is not a bad return on a single bet.


Greek player takes second spot in the history of large bingo wins

He is known simply as Georgios M. We do not know his surname, and we do not know where he lives, other than the fact he lived in Greece at the time of his huge win in 2009. He held the title of the biggest win playing online bingo from then until John’s big prize dropped in 2012, so he was the biggest winner for around three years.

How much did he manage to scoop? An incredible £5.1 million. He didn’t seem to court too much publicity and today no one knows where he is. We don’t blame him for keeping quiet – we think it is the smartest decision!

We hope wherever he is he is still enjoying some of that cash today. £5.1 million will go a very long way if you’re sensible and you look after it well.


Club session results in player winning £1.1 million

During our research for this article, we delved into a story that was published back in January 2008. This concerned a big win secured by a lady in Caerphilly, Wales. Christine Bradfield scooped £1.1 million while playing bingo at her local club in Bargoed.

At the time, the jackpot was a networked one connected to 470 bingo clubs UK-wide. This meant anyone playing at any of the connected clubs could have won the big prize. As you can imagine, winning big in your local club means it cannot be kept secret! According to the story, plenty of people were aware of the big win by the time the evening was up.

The prize comprised four separate prizes, one of which was the Platinum Jackpot. Some 11 years after her big win, we wonder if she still has some cash left or whether she enjoyed every penny of it.


£1.2 million won by lucky lady in Lanarkshire in 2008

Not all bingo wins end in the feel-good factor though. This was borne out by a sad story that started well in 2008, when Soraya Lowell, 38 at the time, won £1.2 million playing bingo at her local club. It turned out to be the start of a good run of luck too.

Her first piece of success came in the shape of the £1.2 million bingo prize. She enjoyed bingo so much she decided to return the next night and managed to scoop another £200. Very nice! It didn’t end there either – she then won £43 as a member of a winning lottery syndicate for a four-ball prize.

She split the big win with her neighbour, who loved bingo as much as she did. Sadly, the neighbour died two months after sharing in Soraya’s good fortune.

Meanwhile, Soraya ended up facing bankruptcy over unpaid council tax, and spent all her winnings within four years of the prize being paid to her. We have seen similar stories hitting the headlines when people manage to get some big wins. Some can handle it better than others, it seems.


What would you do if you scooped a seven-figure prize?

We can all sit and daydream about what we would spend the money on. Maybe you have ideas already. If you play online bingo, you might wonder whether you could ever be as lucky as these people were.

However, nothing can prepare you for a big win when it happens. Would you cope with it? Would you react positively and calmly if you won a huge prize tomorrow that took you past the current record held by John above?

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