5 Things to Do with a Smaller Bingo Prize

What would you do if you won some money playing bingo? It could be an online bingo game or one in your local bingo hall. Either way, your prize could be worth anything from a few pounds to a seven-figure sum.

Chances are it will be somewhere in between those extremes. You may have dreamed of what you would do if you won a life-changing amount. However, have you ever thought of what you would do if you won something far smaller?

This can be trickier. If you won millions of pounds, you’d probably buy a new house, a new car, and maybe give some cash to friends and family. None of those things are possible with a prize worth a few hundred pounds. Yet that smaller prize is still a delight to have.

We thought we would explore some of the options available to you. Are you ready to see which one’s appeal most to you?


Is it harder to choose what to do with a smaller bingo prize?

Let’s say you scooped between £500 and £1,000 on bingo. Here are some ideas that might inspire you. And let’s hope you get the chance to put some of these ideas into practice…


1: Save it

Are you the type of person who saves as much cash as they can? Receiving a few hundred pounds you were not expecting might inspire you to save it all.

We think it is often better to strike a balance between spending and saving (read on to find out more about that). However, if you could do with some extra cash – perhaps for Christmas or a future event – saving it could be the ideal option.

Choose a good savings account or put it in one you already have. If you can lock it away for a few months – maybe for a year or more – you might get a better rate of interest. Remember, this is found money, so doing this will help you earn more from it.


2: Use it to clear some debts

Found money is a superb surprise to have. If you have any debts, it makes sense to use it to clear some of them. Interest rates on credit cards and store cards can be very high.

Clearing part or all of an outstanding balance is a great gift to give to yourself. If you have more than one debt to clear, choose the one with the highest rate of interest first. The peace of mind you’ll receive in return is priceless.


3: Splash out on a much-needed holiday

A prize of several hundred pounds should be enough to find a week-long break in the sun somewhere. Alternatively, you could stay in the UK and enjoy the fruits of your bingo labours at home instead.

Here are some suggestions for great places to go in the UK to spend that prize money:

  • Scottish Highlands
  • The Lake District
  • The Peak District
  • The Welsh mountains
  • The south coast

If you dodge the great UK weather, you can have a great time without ever hopping on a plane. And even if the weather isn’t great, there is still much fun to be had in all the above locations. Can you think of anywhere you’d like to visit?


4: Redecorate your home

New wallpaper, a fresh coat of paint, some new furnishings… what would you go for? A few hundred pounds would be enough to give one room a complete makeover.

Here are some suggestions:

  • New décor for the bedroom (maybe with new bedding too)
  • Revamping your kitchen cabinets (complete the look with a fresh wall colour and maybe some new tiles too)
  • New tiles, wallpaper, or paint for the bathroom (keep the suite and liven things up with new accessories)


5: Spend half, save half

Can you have the best of both worlds if you won just a few hundred pounds on bingo? We think you can.

Let’s say you scooped £600. You could put £300 away for a rainy day, splurging a little with the other half. What would you buy if someone put £300 into your hands and told you to spend every penny?

  • Some new clothes
  • A couple of meals out with your family
  • You could throw a barbecue for family and friends
  • Buy yourself a few experiences you’re sure to remember – take a spin in a Formula 1 car or enjoy a flying lesson
  • Buy a photo session to enjoy with your loved ones

This could be the best option of all if you don’t want to go on holiday. You get the best of both worlds, putting some of the cash away and enjoying the rest.


What would YOU spend the money on?

Sometimes it is nice to just dream about things like this. If you did ever find yourself with a small but tidy prize on a bingo game, you will now have an idea of what to do with it!